After lengthy discussions regarding the future viability of the TRNI and NTSS organizations, the TRNI Board of Directors on December 20, 2017 unanimously resolved to close TRNI and NTSS operations. With the critical objective of providing future value to its member companies, the TRNI Board resolved to seek Enterprise Wireless Alliance assistance to form a market council within EWA, dedicated to implementing and fostering educational and certification programs that promote and enhance the technical skills, credentials, and career opportunities of all who serve the wireless industry.

With the closure of TRNI activities, remaining assets will be managed by EWA’s new Private Wireless Education Council (see press release on the formation of the Council). TRNI members will continue to be EWA members, with dues contributions in 2018 and onward remitted in accordance with EWA’s dues schedule.

The TRNI Board is convinced this approach maintains the spirit of USMSS’ original founders and, will serve to support USMSS/TRNI’s faithful members in the years to come.