Founded in 1998, TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (TRN) is an international association of more than 150 locally owned, technology companies who are Certified Service Centers with their roots in the Wireless Communications Industry. TRN brings business, education, training and certification opportunities to its members. The international trade association promotes its members interests through the power of a member’s network which provides, technology deployments and  services to end-users. TRN provides a single point of contact for custom mobile and fixed equipment installation deployments and maintenance services to multi-location companies through its members and affiliates in the United States and Canada.

In the United States, TRN in partnership with the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA), provides it’s U.S. members a unified voice before the Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Congress. TRN is a co-sponsor of the annual Wireless Leadership Summit, held each fall, where members can network, stay up to date on new technologies and the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Additionally, the association maintains relationships with other Technology Associations, developing certifications that are relevant and current to today’s Technological landscape.

In 2014, the organization adopted its current name with the intention of including new member companies in Canada. The goal is to form a Canadian affiliate bringing certification to the Canadian members as well as assisting with advocacy for the group to Industry Canada and Parliament.

TRN established offices in Troy, NY in 2013. Contact information can be found below: The organization’s full time staff includes Executive Director, William Dow.   Mr. Dow is a former owner of Miner Electronics Corp., a technology company member of TRN.  He is a former member of the Board of Directors, representing the Midwest region, and has served as Executive Director since 2012.

Technology Resource Network International

105 Jordan Road.
Troy, NY  12180
Phone: (518) 326-2633
Fax: (518) 326-2663