Advanced Tower Services, Inc.


Advanced Tower Services, Inc. is a full-service radio tower communications sites construction and staffing firm specialized in new construction/construction management and remodel of communications sites including installation of pre-fabricated buildings, electrical, grounding and generators. Advanced Tower Services thirteen year history of building communications sites includes many recent high profile projects.

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American Wireless, Inc.


American Wireless Inc. (AWI) is a solutions-oriented company dedicated to the Land Mobile Radio marketplace.

They specialize in providing control center furniture, vertical cabinets, and accessories for LMR Communications Control Center applications, along with specialty products for the Government and the Enterprise Mobile Communications Industry.

With many years of experience in this field, AWI has developed products based upon the assessment of LMR industry requirements, and has developed custom products that fill unique needs.

They are an alliance partner with Premier Enclosure Systems, and an OEM manufacturer supplying Winsted Control Room Console products and accessories.

AWI is very proud to be a selected supplier of Vertical Equipment enclosure cabinets and Control Center furniture for Motorola Solutions Inc.

As a registered Small Business Enterprise and for Federal clients, AWI has several SBA 8(a) contracting alliance partners who have in-place contracts with most agencies.

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EMR Corp.


EMR Corporation was founded in 1980 by William Lieske, Sr. as an OEM supplier of ferrite and hybrid devices to the land mobile communications and broadcast industries. Until his passing in 2007, Bill was involved in radio communications for more than 70 years. Beginning with a radio amateur license at the age of 13, he went on to work in military radar, public safety, radio communication manufacturing and commercial corporate sales. As the chief engineer, Bill’s approach to R.F. systems component design was without parallel in the industry. Bill’s work has helped set standards in the U.S. and international land mobile communications and antenna site management industries.

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Eventide offers advanced Communications Logging Recorders and Instant Recall Recorders for P25, NG911, Public Safety, Utilities, and Air Traffic Control facilities.

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Opt-in Wireless, Inc.


Opt-in Wireless is the leading full service marketing agency serving the wireless community. We are the only Motorola Preferred Marketing backed by more than 25 years of direct experience and success with Motorola as an EX-MO, a former Motorola Channel Partner owner (that won Pinnacle Club 7 times), and as a Motorola Marketing Vendor. As beneficial as our team’s expertise with Motorola is, it’s only the beginning of what makes us stand apart from the others. We are all about actionable ideas and deliver solutions that deliver real MROI (leads and sales). We make every communication count.

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SONIK Messaging Systems






SONIK Messaging Systems has a rich history in paging going back more than 20 years. Paging is currently the most cost-effective, practical, technology available, to send emergency notifications to large numbers of people, in the least amount of time.

SONIK management understands that the most practical and most cost-effective way to notify large groups of personnel about an emergency or disaster situation, is through the use of paging. There is no other system available today, that can match the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a paging system, to provide emergency notification to large numbers of people, and to do it in a timely manner.

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Systems Implementation, Inc.


Systems Implementation, Inc. is an industry leading software developer and a provider of end-to-end information technology solutions. We are dedicated to helping our customers streamline operations, gain competitive advantages, and achieve efficiencies through the deployment of superior business software and other strategic technologies.

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